2019 General Election Campaign

Dear  Conservative Supporter                                                                                                                           

I believe the decision facing the electors in West Lancashire is a crucial one for the future of our Country. It is whether to re-elect Corbyn's Candidate and possibly see him as the Country's next Prime Minister or to vote for me and help return a Conservative Government. A Government that that will get Brexit done with the deal negotiated by Boris Johnson and then on with delivering the Conservative Manifesto for the good of the Country.

I also believe there is a real chance of winning in West Lancashire but I need help to make this a reality. Can you spare some time for any of the following:

  • Delivering some leaflets in an area and time of your own choosing
  • Entering election data and helping in the Ormskirk Campaign Centre
  • Telephoning voters for which full training will be provided

If you can help then let me know by either phoning or texting Marilyn Westley on 07738 680752   or emailing office@westlancsconservatives.com

If elected, my priorities will be:

PROTECTING OUR GREENBELT by continuing the fight to restrict new developments to that required to meet local need and not Merseyside’s urban sprawl

POLICE ensuring West Lancashire gets a fair share of the extra 20,000 being funded by the Conservative Government

NHS ensure West Lancashire benefits from the Conservative Government’s extra funding and it is used to improve services and safeguard Ormskirk Hospital

SCHOOLS supporting the Conservative Government’s plan to improve education and give every child the opportunity to attend an outstanding or good school

ROADS campaigning for the necessary highway improvements to ease congestion, improve safety and get HGVs off our inadequate local roads

TRAINS campaign for a Skelmersdale rail link, the re-instatement of the Burscough Curves and improved services on both the Manchester and Preston lines

Kind regards

Jack Gilmore

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for West Lancashire