Council homes secured by local workers boost

Local people in employment are being allocated a higher proportion of council homes as they become available following changes to the Conservative council’s allocations policy last summer. The council will continue to prioritise those in need but figures show that for the first six months of the new policy, almost 3 out of every 10 council homes were allocated to working people. The policy also gives priority to local people and to members of the Armed Forces.

Flooding fears

A leading councillor is calling on the Environment Agency's chairman to visit West Lancashire over fears its insistency on 'passing the buck' could lead to Somerset-style floods in the borough.

Help to repair war memorials

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One and West Lancashire Borough Council wants to help owners of war memorials ensure their monuments are looking their best.


West Lancashire activists visit the Second Cheshire and Wirral Area Conference.

Winter Warm Scheme

Homeowners in West Lancashire are being offered another opportunity to have their gas heating appliances serviced free of charge to help keep them warm and save money on their gas bills this winter. 

Draft economic strategy

West Lancashire is open for business and the Conservative controlled Borough Council is working on a five-year plan to bring new jobs and boost the local economy.