West Lancs Borough Council Plan 2019/2020

The Council's Plan was presented to the full Council on 10th April, and there are a couple of points which raise concerns. The first is a review of Refuse Collections across the Borough.

West Lancashire Borough Council Plan 2019-21

12. that can be completed within a standard working day. The review will also take account of the standard approach to the use of wheeled bins across the Borough and the provision of recycling at all households. In addition, where possible it will include capacity for future housing growth to be delivered through the Local Plan. A standard fortnightly service will be delivered across all households and issues such as additional grey bins, weekly sack collections and collections from rural properties will all be reviewed along with the necessity for assisted collections and additional containers for large families.

In 2019/20 we will see:

 - improved reliability of the service

 - standardised service across the borough

 - improved recycling provision across the borough