Local News

General Election June 2017

Sam Currie is promoted by Cllr David Westley on behalf of the West Lancs Conservatives, all of WLCA, 72C New Court Way, Ormskirk Lancs L39 2YT. 


General Election and Aughton Park By Election

West Lancs Conservatives.

Our Candidate for the General Election has been announced as Cllr Sam Currie.

Our Candidate for the Aughton Park By Election is Doreen Stephenson.

Prime Minister Theresa May talking about the election:

County Council Elections

Your COUNTY needs you! Our Candidates are fighting hard to win in the Lancashire County Council Election on the 4th May. The results in West Lancashire are crucial if the Conservatives are to re-gain control of the County Council. Volunteers are needed to deliver leaflets in all areas.

Budget 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond presented a Budget for the United Kingdom that helps us make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

It’s a budget that keeps our economy strong as we begin to leave the EU, by continuing to control public spending.